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Do I need an account to order?

Nope! You only need a valid email address. The administration links of your advertising space are sent by email after the order.

Where are the ads displayed?

All ads are displayed on the homepage in the form of a one year calendar.
Users can browse all the dates of the year by scrolling or by using the date navigation accessible on the left in the header.

When will my ad be displayed in first place on the homepage?

If you buy an advertising space that begins on December 5 at 4:00 pm and ends on December 5 at 10:00 pm, your ad will be displayed in first place on this website's homepage every December 5th between 4:00pm and 10:00pm.

How long can my advertising space last?

Your advertising space can last 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 hours and can only be rectangular.
For special requests please send an e-mail to

How much does advertising space cost?

It depends on how long it lasts:

  • 1 hour = $100
  • 2 hours = $300
  • 4 hours = $1,000
  • 6 hours = $2,100
  • 8 hours = $3,600
  • 10 hours = $5,500
  • 12 hours = $7,800

What is an ad made of?

An ad consists of an image in jpg format, an alternative text for the image, a link and a title for the link.

The size of the image depends on the duration of the advertising space:

  • 1 hour = 360 pixels * 180 pixels
  • 2 hours = 720 pixels * 180 pixels
  • 4 hours = 720 pixels * 360 pixels
  • 6 hours = 720 pixels * 540 pixels
  • 8 hours = 720 pixels * 540 pixels
  • 10 hours = 720 pixels * 900 pixels
  • 12 hours = 720 pixels * 1080 pixels

How much ad my advertising space can display?

Only one!To display several ads you have to buy several advertising spaces.

Can I buy several advertising spaces?

Yes! But all your advertising space must be separated by at least 12 hours.
To buy several advertising spaces online you have to purchase several times.

Can I change the ad displayed by my advertising space?

Yes! You can change the ad displayed by your advertising space whenever you want!
Changing an ad results in modification costs equal to 20% of the price of the advertising space.

Can I disable my ad in case of an emergency?

Yes! You can disable your ad whenever you want!
After your order you will receive a confirmation email containing all the links useful for the administration of your advertising space.

Can I use video for my ad?

Nope! Your ad must be an image!
For special requests please send an e-mail to

Can I report an advertisement?

Yes! You can report an advertisement here.

Can I share this site on a special date?

Yes! On the homepage, you can click on the date in the header to display a quick navigation menu and a sharing link.

How can I support this site?

It's easy! You can buy advertising space or just share this website!
If you are a journalist, do not hesitate to publish about this website: Here is a link to the --> media elements <--.